Dear World: It’s not that complicated. Fix it or die.

This makes me happy I decided not to have kids. It’s an article from today’s Al Jazeera about how time is running out on figuring out a solution to the climate/emissions problem. Long and short of it: no one’s willing to spend money. Hello? If we all die, it’s not going to matter. Fucking retards. Not even worth ranting about it’s so flipping obvious. Le sigh.



4 thoughts on “Dear World: It’s not that complicated. Fix it or die.

  1. Thomas says:

    Funny I knew a Professor at a school very close to you who told my class, clean up after yourself the Earth will heal the rest. I tend to believe him. Not that I don’t think we can effect the climate, but our understanding of that impact isn’t being studied seriously and that concerns me. UofA has a temperature sensor sitting on asphalt at the weather station at the University think that does accurate readings? I am all for accurate science and I’ll support whatever the long term numbers show, but remember one of the biggest environmental stories in the 1970s was global cooling. Real science takes time.

  2. You do raise two very valid points here: 1) Cleaning up after yourself and 2) placing a temperature sensor on asphalt is retarded. I agree with both of them.

    It would be very interesting to sit down with you, enjoy a quality beer and debate (not argue) the issue. It’s one of those that we seem to have enough common ground to listen to one another yet enough diversity to make the conversation interesting. A blog simply isn’t the right venue to conduct such a complicated discussion.

    Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to read my blog!

  3. Adam says:

    Hello mate, just wondering where you got the picture from and who holds the copyright for it as its pretty cool and I’d like to use it for my bands new album if possible.


  4. Whathehell? says:

    It never ceases to admire me how many people repeat the “back in the 70s those stupid scientists were all hysterical about global cooling, now it’s just more of the same again”, and obviously never bothered to check in detail what was said, and by whom.

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