A brief respite in Winterpocalypse

Flagstaff was hammered by three storms this past week. It received record snowfall (3-6 feet) and all means of travel into and out of the city were shut down. We got a little sun yesterday and it appears we are going to see the sun today and tomorrow before being hit with more snow. I will have to wait and see what the roads look like later this afternoon. I’m fairly reticent to venture out because I expect all the markets will be swamped with people who failed to stock up prior to Winterpocalypse™.

The picture to the right is what’s left of the JoAnn’s Fabric & Bookman’s Used Books storefront. Both businesses lost 100% of their inventory but there were no injuries. The other two pictures are views from around my apartment complex. They were both taken when it was ‘warm’ the afternoon of 01-23-2010.

January 21st , 2010 news coverage including video

Five confirmed business roof collapses as of January 23rd


2 thoughts on “A brief respite in Winterpocalypse

  1. Belladonna420 says:

    It’s so strange to see all that snow but yet the temperature on the screen in the video said it was 60 degrees! We don’t get many 60 degree snow days in Chicago!!! LOL!!!

    • Yes, that’s one of the wacky things about AZ.

      Everyone thinks of places like Phoenix and Tucson when they think of Arizona. Sunny and warm year round. Filled with saguaros and sand. Yet we have all 7 climate types in AZ. Tundra through desert. I live very close to the highest point in the state which is ~14,500 feet. Flagstaff is at ~7,000 feet elevation.

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