Follow up on The Boom Effect – Bo-Yah!

I was going through and cleaning out my bookmarks a couple days ago and stumbled across one I had set up for The Boom Effect. You know, that “wee” little project where everyone in the podosphere pulled together to help out Tee Morris take care of Sonic Boom (his daughter) after his wife died unexpectedly. I was a strong participant in the beginning but then ran into some health problems of my own. My road to recovery was fairly long and I never really heard how things turned out when all was said and done.

I’m posting this now just in case there is anyone else who did not get the good news. We exceeded what I thought was an optimistic goal (that I’d set in my head) by more than $5,000. I remain astounded at how generous the podiotribe can be when one of us really needs some help. The article below was originally authored by Philippa Ballantine on May 23, 2010:

So, it is over three months since the community rallied around Tee Morris and his daughter, Sonic Boom. Writers, podcasters, fans, and artisians of all types contributed. I hope you still feel proud of yourself, because you deserve to be. Together we raised over $30,000. An amazing feat in anyone’s books.

Now after all the dust has died down – you the contributors and the buyers deserve to know what happened to all that money. Tee was able to meet the immediate needs of dealing with funeral arrangements, but once things became more settled, he wanted the whole of the Boom Effect Money to go towards Sonic Boom’s future.

To that end he wants you all to know that every cent of the money you contributed has been placed into a College America managed fund, for the sole benefit of Serena. When the time comes for her to choose a college, she will have the one thing we has a community could give her- options. Because of your time, generosity and good will she will be able to go to a good college.

You have made a difference in ways that when I started the Boom Effect I could not possibly imagine. For every negative thing that people say about the internet, I will always be able to present the Boom Effect as an example of what it can achieve when good people stand up and say ‘let’s do something now.’ Thank you so much for that.

I also stumbled across a blog post of Tee’s from back on March 17th, 2010 when I went searching for a pic of Tee & SB to put at the top of this post. I want to thank Tee for sharing his emotional experiences on the interwebs. It was a heart rending read, but I guess I should expect no less from a professional writer. The most valuable piece of information I’m taking away from his post is inspirational rather than depressing, however. I am at the beginning of what could wind up being a long distance relationship. Tee’s story of how he and Natalie met and eventually married leaves me much more optimistic than I was before I read it.


A community pulls together to help one of their own in a time of need

I knew the podosphere was a tightly knit community. I did not know the extent of how close and supportive we were until the past couple of days. Frankly, I’m a bit awestruck, albeit in a good way. It makes me feel quite proud to be a part of it.

Tee Morris lost his wife, Natalie (pictured below), unexpectedly on Tuesday, January 5th. This tragedy left him with a mountain of unexpected bills. It also left him with the responsibility of raising their daughter, Sonic Boom, alone.

In the early morning hours of Thursday, January 7th, Philippa Ballantine organized a ChipIn account to try and defray some of these costs. Anything that was raised beyond the funerary expenses would be placed in a trust fund to help raise Sonic Boom. It was amazing watching how quickly this ChipIn account swelled. At midday on January 9th the fund has reached $13,326.13

Tee and Sonic Boom have brought me much joy over the past few years. From the Podcasting for Dummies companion episodes to Morevi: Remastered, their talents have made my life richer. I wish them the best in this, their darkest hour.

If you’d like to donate to the ChipIn fund, follow any of the links below (except the obituary). I tried embedding the widgit directly into my blog as they did, but my template does not support it for some reason.

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