My ANCESTOR Baby Tour: The Planning Begins

The more I think about this, the more it seems like a great idea. Before I totally caboose (Thanks Kelli!), let me go back and start at the engine of this idea as it approaches you.

Scott Sigler announced the summer dates for his ANCESTOR book tour on Friday, April 16th.  If you want to know the full tour schedule, that can be found here. The relevant portion can be seen to the right. I knew immediately that I would be going to the Tempe stop. That was a no brainer.

It took a few days for the baby tour idea to strike me. There are several motivating factors behind it:

  • A Kovacs and I have never met. She’s become Scott’s business partner and is the one who handles all of his time management. Our productivity has improved exponentially since Scott asked her to join Team Sigler. She may or may not be able to make the Tempe stop, although she is going to try. She will definitely be at the Sandy Eggo & Los Angeles stops. As integral as she is to Dark Overlord Media (Døm), we need to meet face to face fairly soon. We both agree on that. The tour makes a good excuse for us to travel to one another’s cities.
  • I’ve only met Scott once prior to this and he’s not going to be at Balticon (B44). This is somewhat ridiculous considering that we’ve been working together for a few years now. I’d like to get to know him better than I do at present. I see myself working with Scott & A as long as they’ll have me, so I’d like to establish strong relationships with them if I can.
  • Hello? It’d be a frakkin’ blast!

I’ve begun to really think about the logistics of a baby tour. Initially I thought I’d be able to pull off all four stops in my car, but after I mapped it out, that seems implausible. If I want to restrict myself to my car, I need to clip San Francisco. That is potentially acceptable, but I am still performing a cost benefit analysis on that aspect of the trip. Some of those elements are inappropriate to list in a public forum because they concern people outside the podosphere. There are definitely some folks up in San Fran that I would like to meet.

My largest unknown at this point is lodging in Los Angeles. I have several friends in San Diego and San Francisco. Those relationships have atrophied somewhat, but they were the kind that last for life, so I imagine I’ll be able to find a couch or some floor with someone. Maybe a guest room if I’m really lucky! I’m drawing a blank trying to think of someone I’m close friends with in LA. Worst case scenario I see how much a flea bag hotel would cost or plan on sleeping in my car for a night. Nice thing about Summer in the Southwest is that the weather makes that doable albeit ridiculously uncomfortable.

So it boils down to either a baby road trip in a quick loop (enlargable picture below) or a little driving with three one way flights. I’m expecting the monetary difference to be huge between the two. I need to make this as on the cheap as I can since it is coming on the heels of B44. A flight from San Fran to Phoenix on July 1st would cost me $111 to cover what would be 765 miles if I drove to Flagstaff. That would only be about $60 in gas, but it’s a 12.5 hour drive not including stops to get from San Francisco to Flagstaff. That seems impractical to do on my own. A said she’s planning to do some research into plane versus car for the tour so I will likely see what she comes up with before making my final decision.