Let it Begin! ANCESTOR hath been unleashed!

This is it, boys & girls, Junkies of all ages! ANCESTOR is in stores now!

Go to your local store or order it on line. Just BUY that puppy! We do request that you verify that you inquire with your vendor of choice and ensure that they report their sales to the New York Times Bestseller List. Many smaller stores do not for whatever reason and we really want to break out of being a mid-list author with ANCESTOR.  If we can  break into the top 15 in the first week, that will definitively place Scott Sigler as an A-list bestselling author. That will change all sorts of things. The best for us Junkies is it will most likely ensure a lifetime of free audio content coming down the feed from our beloved Future Dark Overlord™. So hop into your plaid tank and roll on over to your local brick and mortar store to support General Siglerisimo™. You know that Pope Siglericus XXXth will offer benedictions upon all those who do so.

View the ANCESTOR trailer in HD. It’s frakkin’ sweet!

Yes, I used two cheesy movie quotes in the title of this blog, but one is a bit bastardized 😉 The other should be easy peasy. Can anyone name both films? I’m offering 242 yummy Crack Hits to the first Junkie who gets both of them correct!


Dark Overlord Media Presents: 2009, the Year in Review

Dark øverlørd Media™ Presents: 2009, the Year in Review (56:45)

2009 was an extremely busy year for premier podioauthor and New York Times best selling novelist Scott Sigler. Probably the craziest he’s had in his career. Yet it was also one of the least stressful for him. How did he manage that? He discovered that one of his friends had a skill set that was extremely complimentary to his own.

If you’re a Junkie, you probably know this story and have already heard the podcast above. If you’re not, this is a great opportunity for you to hear what all Scott & A Kovacs accomplished during 2009 with the creation of Dark øverlørd Media™. The podcast also details the role that many of the support staff (Donna Mugavero, Gmork, etc.) play by enabling the Future Dark Overlord™ in his bid for world domination. It is amazing how symbiotic Scott and A are. It has been a pleasure working with them this year and I look forward to continuing to work with them in 2010 and beyond.