Will Sprint ask Evo Terra to promote their new HTC Evo phone?

Sprint announced the release of the first 4G phone at CTIA 2010 in Las Vegas. Who better to pimp this new technological marvel than podcasting guru Evo Terra?

Reasons that Evo Terra would be a good representative for this phone:

  • Evo’s been a Sprint customer since December 1, 1999.
  • Evo is well recognized throughout the podosphere. He has his own show with an established audience.
  • Evo’s a geek. He hangs out with other geeks. The word of mouth potential here is huge.
  • Evo has a substantial presence within the social media sphere. And he is not shy with his opinions. If he likes your phone, it will be all over Facebook (~1500 friends), Twitter (~5300 followers), etc.
  • The phone is named the Evo. How much more serendipity do you need?


Presales for Scott Sigler’s THE STARTER begin April 1st!

Did you enjoy THE ROOKIE? Well, THE STARTER goes up for pre-sale this coming Thursday at 1200 EST. And you know how shiny and awesome THE ROOKIE was. THE STARTER will also be a signed and numbered limited edition hardcover. From scottsigler.com :

What’s 7-feet even, 360 pounds, and will run your bitch ass right over? None other than Quentin Barnes, starting quarterback of the Ionath Krakens. THE STARTER is the sequel to THE ROOKIE.

Limited-edition, hardcover, signed and numbered, that’s the deal with THE STARTER. First-come, first serve from this very page (this page will change on “kickoff” at noon Eastern time on April 1 … see what I did there? “Kickoff?” Boom!).

Can I get it personalized by the FDO™?: Yes, you can, but only if you pre-order. Once we start shipping the book in September, the only way to get it personalized is to visit me on tour.

Can I reserve a special number? No, you can’t. Don’t bother requesting, we can’t pull this off. Yes, I am talking to you. Yes. Honest. We can’t reserve your specific number.  We can’t give you the same number you had for THE ROOKIE. Sorry about that.

So make sure and mark your calendars! Mine’s been marked for months, but I’m a total fanboy. If you’re interested in ANCESTOR, you can find information on pre-ordering it at http://www.scottsigler.com/preorder and it’s also available on Amazon.com.

A brief respite in Winterpocalypse

Flagstaff was hammered by three storms this past week. It received record snowfall (3-6 feet) and all means of travel into and out of the city were shut down. We got a little sun yesterday and it appears we are going to see the sun today and tomorrow before being hit with more snow. I will have to wait and see what the roads look like later this afternoon. I’m fairly reticent to venture out because I expect all the markets will be swamped with people who failed to stock up prior to Winterpocalypse™.

The picture to the right is what’s left of the JoAnn’s Fabric & Bookman’s Used Books storefront. Both businesses lost 100% of their inventory but there were no injuries. The other two pictures are views from around my apartment complex. They were both taken when it was ‘warm’ the afternoon of 01-23-2010.

January 21st , 2010 news coverage including video

Five confirmed business roof collapses as of January 23rd

TSA, please go away. You’re being more of a hindrance than a help to US citizens.

There comes a time when we have to say “Okay, this simply isn’t working.” And that time has arrived for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). We need a new plan. American citizens themselves have been responsible for stopping the only two serious terrorist threats in the air since 9/11. The only thing the TSA has accomplished is making it incredibly inconvenient for law abiding citizens to fly. Personally, at this point, I go out of my way not to fly because it’s so aggravating of a process. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Now I’ve heard that they’ve implemented full body X-rays similar to what was used in Total Recall. Ignoring the privacy invasion part of that, I shudder to imagine the health risks to the frequent business flier. Seriously, we can do better. Let’s scrap the TSA and build a new system from the ground up. They haven’t really accomplished anything besides making our life more difficult.

Full Gizmodo article

Full Tech Dirt article

Full Wired-Threat Level article

A community pulls together to help one of their own in a time of need

I knew the podosphere was a tightly knit community. I did not know the extent of how close and supportive we were until the past couple of days. Frankly, I’m a bit awestruck, albeit in a good way. It makes me feel quite proud to be a part of it.

Tee Morris lost his wife, Natalie (pictured below), unexpectedly on Tuesday, January 5th. This tragedy left him with a mountain of unexpected bills. It also left him with the responsibility of raising their daughter, Sonic Boom, alone.

In the early morning hours of Thursday, January 7th, Philippa Ballantine organized a ChipIn account to try and defray some of these costs. Anything that was raised beyond the funerary expenses would be placed in a trust fund to help raise Sonic Boom. It was amazing watching how quickly this ChipIn account swelled. At midday on January 9th the fund has reached $13,326.13

Tee and Sonic Boom have brought me much joy over the past few years. From the Podcasting for Dummies companion episodes to Morevi: Remastered, their talents have made my life richer. I wish them the best in this, their darkest hour.

If you’d like to donate to the ChipIn fund, follow any of the links below (except the obituary). I tried embedding the widgit directly into my blog as they did, but my template does not support it for some reason.

Philippa Ballantine’s “Sonic Boom’s Trust” post

Natalie Morris’ Obituary

Philippa Ballantine’s “Together We Are Mighty” post

Scott Sigler’s “A Death in the Podcast Family” post

Podiobooks.com “A Loss in the Family” post

Sweet! We won two Founder’s Choice Awards from PB.com!

I was pretty psyched when I saw that Scott and I had won (2) 2009 Founder’s Choice Awards from Podiobooks.com for the novels I produce for him over there. Both Contagious and Nocturnal received 2009 Founder’s Choice Awards.

2009 Podiobooks Founder’s Choice Awards

Evo began awarding Founder’s Choice Awards in 2008, which is when the Sounding Board was created. Scott and I won an award for Infected in 2008.

2008 Podiobooks Founder’s Choice Awards

If you’re not familiar with the Founder’s Choice Awards, here’s how they work:

The Founder’s Choice Awards are given annually — well, they will be given annually — to serialized audiobooks of impeccable quality. There are four criteria for choosing winners:

  1. The final episode* must have been posted within the calendar year
  2. Must have passed our panel of Sounding Board Editors who decide which titles are featured on the site
  3. Evo (that’s me) must have listened to all episodes
  4. Evo says it wins

Polyamory is beginning to hit the mainstream

Polyamory: (n) the philosophy or state of being in love or romantically involved with more than one person at the same time.

I’ve been somewhat heartened by how much press polyamory has been getting as of late. Yes, it is still a tiny percentage of the population which practice it, but it is now getting write ups in Newsweek, many personal blogs, and even some television coverage. It seems an incredibly logical choice to me. There is a much higher chance for success when a diverse complement of human beings is utilized to meet the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of any given individual. Attempting to accomplish the same objective with only one person trying to fulfill all of those needs for that individual will almost certainly have a lower chance of prosperity for the person whose needs they are.

Love is not a finite resource. Loving another person does not lessen my ability to love you at all. In fact, I would argue that it might actually increase my ability to love you. Ensuring that everyone’s needs are met within a relationship without anyone having to do something they’re uncomfortable with will likely strengthen the bonds between any two people that are participants within the relationship. The key is to find a setup that works for all parties concerned. Polyamory is not one set format. It could be anything from two males and two females who do not stray outside of their quad to a legally married couple who date openly to three men living together who all date other people but are committed to one another. As with traditional monogamous relationships, the critical component of polyamorous relationship is frequent open and honest communication.

Jealousy is absolutely illogical. If you trust your loved one, then there is no point in being jealous. If you don’t trust the ones that you are involved with, then you’ve got bigger problems than determining how many partners you are going to allow in the relationship. This is not to say that polyamory is for everyone. That would be asinine. Many people will prefer monogamy, and that’s great. But I am psyched that polyamory seems to be gaining a bit of social awareness, even if it has not reached the acceptance level yet.

TV interview with Sandra Miller on FOX morning show (4:50)

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