Sweet! We won two Founder’s Choice Awards from PB.com!

I was pretty psyched when I saw that Scott and I had won (2) 2009 Founder’s Choice Awards from Podiobooks.com for the novels I produce for him over there. Both Contagious and Nocturnal received 2009 Founder’s Choice Awards.

2009 Podiobooks Founder’s Choice Awards

Evo began awarding Founder’s Choice Awards in 2008, which is when the Sounding Board was created. Scott and I won an award for Infected in 2008.

2008 Podiobooks Founder’s Choice Awards

If you’re not familiar with the Founder’s Choice Awards, here’s how they work:

The Founder’s Choice Awards are given annually — well, they will be given annually — to serialized audiobooks of impeccable quality. There are four criteria for choosing winners:

  1. The final episode* must have been posted within the calendar year
  2. Must have passed our panel of Sounding Board Editors who decide which titles are featured on the site
  3. Evo (that’s me) must have listened to all episodes
  4. Evo says it wins

2 thoughts on “Sweet! We won two Founder’s Choice Awards from PB.com!

  1. KristynaMae says:

    Congratulations!!! A well deserved win for both of you!

  2. Pat Farmer says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I hadn’t read your blog since 2010 arrived and I was delighted to see the good things that had happened for you and Scott. The Scott Sigler Team must be doing something right………..Founders Choice Awards annually! Keep up the good work 😉

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