Celebrate the season, take the Christ out of Christmas!

The important part of this holiday is the spirit behind it, not how we label it. The joy of spending time with our families, being loving towards one another, and giving gifts to show that love. Personally, I loathe both organized religion and how excessively politically correct our culture has become. But I think that in this case, making the holiday generic (ie saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas) actually facilitates humanity loving one another and celebrating together. People get far too easily offended about their religion. Including the name of the central religious figure of a foreign religion could easily alienate or offend a non-Christian. At bare minimum, it instantly points out that you are different from than rather than the same. Can’t we all just get along during this holiday season? 

Let’s be inclusive rather than exclusive this time of year. I think Jesus would approve, don’t you? And, besides, it’s not like he was actually born in the winter anyways. Read your bible if you don’t believe me. The only reason Christmas is even on December 25th is because the church needed to convert pagans and they had a huge Solstice celebration going on right about the same time. Same thing with Easter. But that’s a whole different debate that I don’t really want to go into right now.


2 thoughts on “Celebrate the season, take the Christ out of Christmas!

  1. Not sure how I found your blog, but found it interesting. If I didn’t know better, I would think that you had pulled some points from my recent sermons, echoing some of my same sentiments. For instance:

    – Organized Religion (loathing) – Likewise. Rules and regulations without
    relationship = religion. I preach relationship and knowing God
    personally, not just knowing about Him, but knowing Christ personally.
    – Politically Correct (loathing) – Likewise, again. I prefer to
    live ‘unoffendable.’ For instance, I don’t get mad at someone slowing
    me down in traffic or in a drive through, as an example, for a couple of
    We have patience for people or things in direct proportion to the value
    that we place on them. If you do not value someone, then it seems to
    be ok to get mad at them, call them a jerk, and wonder how or why they
    think they have the right to slow us down or get in our lane. I am happy
    letting people be people and not get disappointed when humans act like
    humans. They can ‘be themselves’ and I can appreciate their value
    and worth even if I don’t like what they do or say. Christ did the same.
    He loved everyone.
    – Far Too Offended By Their Religion – Again, I agree. My job is not to
    defend my religion and Gospel, but to live it – to ‘be’ it. Therefore, if
    someone does’t see it or agree with it, I don’t get mad or even offended – I try to find out how I have failed at embodying Christ’s love. I hate
    no one, try to be offended by no one, especially if they don’t see what
    I see or believe what I believe. They NEVER become my enemy. I
    remember that God so ‘loved’ the ‘world’ (people) that He ‘gave.’ He
    did not became offended or got mad: except with the ‘religious’ leaders
    who were blocking entrance to the Kingdom of God by the 613
    extra demands & interpretations they placed on Christ’s message.
    – Be Inclusive – Jesus Would Approve – I agree. Jesus went about
    doing good (to all people) and healing ALL who were sick or
    oppressed. I teach my church to love intentionally and indiscrimi-
    nately. Do good to all men by all means.

    I haven’t read any more than your opening, but you sound like a New Testament prophet with a straight-up word uncompromised.

    I will read further on your blog. Thanks for letting me post.

  2. Pat Farmer says:

    Your use of the various religious symbols to create the word coexist is quite clever and creative!!!! As a frequent reader of your blog, I enjoyed your expose on Christmas as a coexist holiday. I agree that Jesus would approve. I think he also would approve of EVERY day being a coexist day, not just the day that we’ve chosen to celebrate Christmas 🙂

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