Smart Kitteh

Why should I lick my paws over and over and then go to all that effort of rubbing them across my head? My human will run the sink for me. Score!


3 thoughts on “Smart Kitteh

  1. Sam says:

    Weirdest cat. Ever.

    • Yeah, I just sat there and stared throughout the entire video. Then I thought about it. If the cat has absolute trust in its owner and is hell smart, it makes total sense. I think this is why they didn’t do the “Hey let’s poke him while he’s got his head under the water! hehehe.” If they’d done that for the YouTube vid, odds are the cat would never put his head under the tap again.

  2. That is awesome….came home from WT practice just now…body hurts like hell but that made me laugh till I cried. So adorable.

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