Sweet! We did it Again!

Yes, this entry is totally tardy. Parsec Award for Eusocial Networking

Scott (and I) won the 2009 Parsec Award for EuSocial Networking (right) in the Speculative Fiction (Novella) category. There was some confusion about what category EuSocial Networking belonged in, but the Parsec Panel was fantastic in working with Scott and I to get this resolved. This is the second year in a row that we’ve won a Parsec Award. In 2008, we won the Parsec Award for Red Man (below) in the Speculative Fiction (Short Form) category.

I’ve heard that Scott rains praise down upon me at the Awards Banquets, but apparently there are gremlins that reside within the banquet hall. I tried for months last year to track down a recording of the ceremony with no success. Everyone I spoke to referred me to someone else who had the recording and I finally ran out of podcasters and producers to contact 😦 I’m skeptical that there even is a recording of the 2008 Parsec Awards Banquet. If anyone has one, I’d still love to hear it.

This year I planned ahead. I wanted to make *sure* that I captured Scott’s acceptance speech if we were lucky enough to win two years running. Not only did I want to hear it, but I knew the junkies who weren’t attending DragonCon (D*C) would want to hear what General Siglerisimo had to say to the faithful soldiers of Siglerism. So I asked around and found out that my funky name brotha TwoWire would be attending the event. He decided he was going to go ahead and buy a shiny new digital camera to capture all the glory of D*C 2009.

So the night of the Awards Banquet arrives and we win the award. TwoWire goes to film Scott’s speech and his camera dies. It’s been working fine up until this point at D*C. He thinks that his brother used it too much earlier that day so the battery was low. I think the gremlins in the hall sucked the energy right out of it. They also cast a fugue over the staff who was supposed to be recording the event for Derek and Swoopy (Skepticality). Details are hazy there, but apparently the banquet started a bit off schedule or something. This is an Awards Banquet for professionals in audio recording. They’ve made arrangements to record the event. A minor scheduling hiccup should not be a big deal. It’s gremlins. Well, I suppose it could be bunnies…….

Best Red Man ParsecAnyways, I’ve never heard what Scott actually says in his acceptance speeches. If anyone has a recording of the 2009 banquet, we are still trying to track one down. I’m thrilled that we won another Parsec though. Woot, Snoopy Dance, Hurrah, celebrations galore!


3 thoughts on “Sweet! We did it Again!

  1. Thomas says:

    Actually we had Gary record this years event so we have a copy and for enough money I’ll let you see it, or you can just be patient we will get it online soon. 😉

  2. SWEET!!! The gremlins missed a copy. So what’s your asking price? They’re sneaky little buggers. Never know *when* they’ll strike.

    • Twowire says:

      Awesome news, I do feel better. I knew it had been mentioned that the procedings were being recorded. Thought I was having a bit of a mental fart on my part. I cant wait to hear it again; the awards ceremony was really a good time. 😀

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