Coconino County adds an innovation to the courts

I was summoned in for jury duty yesterday. I was actually seated to serve on the case, so I can’t talk about anything going on with it until after it is 100% finished. Please don’t ask. It is scheduled to be over next Tuesday. Might be sooner, might take longer. Who knows. But I am enjoying the novelty of the experience and learning what I can about the way things work. The long periods of waiting can be tiring though 😦 Snowy courthouse

Coconino County added a nice feature to the Arizona system of jurisprudence. Jurors are allowed to ask questions of witnesses if they want to. If a juror has a question for a witness, they write it down, hand it to the bailiff, who then passes it to the judge. If it is permissible within the rules of evidence, then the witness is asked to answer the question. The entire State of Arizona adopted this system within a matter of years. I was impressed by the logic of it.


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