A is definitely for Awesome

For those of you who don’t know, A is Scott’s new business partner who co-founded Dark Overlord Media with him. That is the company which is publishing THE ROOKIE. It has been a pleasure getting to know her and having her as part of Team Sigler. She took a moment out from the Tailgate Tour in Dallas to make this video for me:

How awesome is that?

Special thanks to TwoWire for filming this and sending it to me. You rawk my funky name brotha!


4 thoughts on “A is definitely for Awesome

  1. ARealGirl says:

    Come on now… it’s true. How is it possible for me to not heart you? You work super-hard, are funny and sassy and who knew you had a blog?

    Awesome. Perhaps it’s all names that start with A.

    • Well, there are *far* more people in this world who are put off by me than those that ‘heart’ me. I will say that I do tend to make a strong impression one way or another however. People generally do not forget me 😉

      As far as my having a blog goes, I just learned yesterday that using these things called ‘tags’ is actually kind of important if you want anybody to be able to find it. But that’s what life is all about: learning through experience.

      I do SO much better with hands on learning than I do with book learning. Even if the ‘hands on’ learning is in a lecture hall that lets me ask questions of an instructor. So, have you learned that I like to diverge onto tangents yet?

      Hmmm, I think I saw something shiny that distracted me. I *adore* ravens. Were you mentioning something about having a blog? Were you referring to your work with Skepchick.org or a personal blog? My definition is turtling its way up there, slowly but surely on Urban Dictionary 😀


    Just felt the need to let you know.


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