Twitter ettiquette query/How do you use Twitter?

I asked a similar question to this earlier today on Twitter and received no responses. I am hoping I can get some feedback here. I know there are many of us who follow one another’s tweets. So here’s some things I’m wondering about:

  1. How do you decide how much attention to give to Twitter?
  2. When you’ve been offline for a while (eg asleep) do you scroll through and read all the tweets that occurred during your absence?
  3. If you do read all of your tweets, do you limit the number of people you follow?

I think that covers the gist of what my concern is. I’ve noticed that the more people I follow, the more Twitter becomes a time suck. I enjoy tweeting and interacting with the community, but I also need to get things done. I absolutely suck at multitasking. So I’m kind of torn between ignoring at least a portion of people’s tweets and dropping some of the people that I follow. So how do y’all handle this sort of thing?


2 thoughts on “Twitter ettiquette query/How do you use Twitter?

  1. Sam says:

    1) It’s supposed to be fun, so I adjust time spent accordingly. BTW, this often means skipping reading a few days (weekends especially). I used to feel guilt, but realized that was silly.
    2) See #1… so the answer is “if I feel like it”. so the answer is sometimes.
    3) I enjoyed twitter more after I pruned out a few “noisy” or downright boring Twitterers. I also carved out people who had others do the Tweeting for them. (Tori Amos is a good example of that.)

    Don’t let it consume you and don’t feel guilt for skipping. You can always click on a person later and read their tweets later! It is supposed to be fun and all socially… so unless you are making money tweeting, don’t worry overmuch about it.

    • What’s this? Sam making a comment on my blog? As Keanu would say, “Woah…..”

      Thanks for the feedback. I also posted this over on the Sigler boards, but figured that the pdogs would never see it there. Although most of the pdogs don’t tweet. Pretty sure it’s just you and Kelli.

      My tentative adjustment is to follow anyone potentially interesting, scan/skip through most things when I’m not actually on the puker. Go to the Twitter home page and read through any @sadock or DM messages. Figure anything else is understandable if I miss it.

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