So I had this great idea yesterday………

…….but I certainly don’t have either the skill set or the motivation to capitalize on it. I told Sam and Kelli about it while we waiting for our order from Pizza Hut to arrive. Sam came up with an awesome idea about how I might be able to make something of my idea even if I don’t do anything with it myself. File a patent (or let someone else do it) and let them do all the work. Just take a small cut for thinking up the concept.

I know I used to see ads on late night TV for “Do you have an idea? Are you an inventor? Give us a call!” Now I just need to figure out how to frakkin’ Google something like that.

Not feeling very motivated at all today either, but want to at least jot down something to remind me of the idea and that I need to do something about it. And *maybe* this will actually hold up in court as evidence of when I first thought of it. Doubtful since I can edit it. Whatever. Not its primary function.

Joy. I think I just wrote my worst blog entry yet. Had to happen sooner or later.


One thought on “So I had this great idea yesterday………

  1. Kat says:

    now i’m curious what the idea is….

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