Arioch braves the flames of Hell to appear on Evo @ 11

Yes, it’s true. I was actually stupid enough to go down to Phoenix when temperatures were above 100 degrees. And you wonder why I call it Hell. I was quite happy to return back to my cool mountain abode up here in Flag, thank you very much.

Evo Terra, Sheila Dee, and Debbie Walker were gracious enough to welcome me onto their anniversary show, which was actually my initial incentive for going down to Hell in the first place. If you’d like to check it out, here’s the links:

Evo @ 11 webpage

Evo @ 11 show # 50 direct link

Please be forewarned that a good portion of this show was a potty episode. Definitely not for those who are offended by foul language or frank discussions of bodily functions.


3 thoughts on “Arioch braves the flames of Hell to appear on Evo @ 11

  1. riveroftrouble says:

    LOL at one point you say something about how shocked someone whos listening to that cast would be if it was their first time…well it was my first time…and I LOVED IT!

  2. Twowire says:

    Aaaaaah! I missed it, what time did it start streaming? I showed up a the usual time and there was no broadcast. I downloaded the audio and will listen to it. Sorry my unique name Brotha! I will try and make up for missing the show some how.

    • I’m not positive what time we started, I’d already turned my phone off. Evo generally tweets out when they’re about to go. That’s a decent backup plan to go with. Follow him and you’ll get the heads up. I know he tweeted this one out w/my twitter ID. That’s why so many folks showed up in the chat room. No worries. I’m happy you’re reading my blog. That’s awesome!

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