Re: Michael Vick. Stop whining and take action!

The only responsible course of action for those who are distressed by the decisions of the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles regarding Michael Vick is to boycott their product. That product is entertainment via football games. After listening to Evo @ 11 episode 39, I am more convinced than ever that this course of action is the only one that can possibly prove effective.

The NFL is a business. The Philadelphia Eagles are a football franchise attempting to make money. Michael Vick is an ex-con who has served his time for the crime he was convicted of. VickDogJury If those employers wish to reinstate or employ him, that is their choice. It has nothing to do with the public at large. The choice we have is whether we want to support those businesses’ decision with our money. The way the free market works, if we withhold our business from those employers and make it known to them why we are doing so, they will get the message.

Whining (by itself) about their decision(s) will serve absolutely no positive function whatsoever. If your complaining results in a negative financial impact, of course that’s going to be effective. You’ve managed a de facto boycott via negative publicity.


One thought on “Re: Michael Vick. Stop whining and take action!

  1. Pat Farmer says:

    I love reading your blog!!! This is such a wonderful idea for you to use your excellent writing skills and explemary intellect. I don’t read the blog daily, but I sure enjoy it when I do. Keep up the good work!!!!

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