Free Press? I think not.

Dark Skies Episode 02 (10:32)

If we truly had a free press, there’s no way in hell that The Charleston Gazette would be the only newspaper in the United States of America that covered this story:

President George W. Bush told French President Jacques Chirac in early 2003 that Iraq must be invaded to thwart Gog and Magog, the Bible’s satanic agents of the Apocalypse.

Seriously. Multiple sources have confirmed it. Go read the article. It’s pretty scary. Yeah, he’s out of office now. But I’m more concerned with why the story has been buried in America. If it hadn’t been for one obscure Twitter link, I would have never seen it. Thank God for social media. And Matthew Wayne Selznick.


Baby Bush is out of office. Why the pressure to bury his religious insanity now? Is the pressure political, financial, or both? These questions disturb me. And they should disturb you, regardless of your political affiliation. A free press is good for everyone unless we want to live in a fascist state. Is that where the United States is heading? I hope not. Although I’m tempted to label a few of the right wing nut jobs as fascists. Cest la vie. There are crack pots on both sides of the aisle.


2 thoughts on “Free Press? I think not.

  1. riveroftrouble says:

    Dropping in to say I absolutely loved both of your Dark Skies podcasts. Wondering why you arent doing the 1984v2 ones but eh either way a podcast from my two favourite Americans is a podcast from my two favourite Americans! I always learn a lot of things around you two and I like the way you two play off each other so effortlessly. I think if I attempted to podcast it would be horrible, I need an audience to play off of, but you two are amazing. -yearns for more Arioch/Sam podcasts-

    • *blushes*

      Why, thank you! As far as the 1984v2 ‘cast goes, we *might* pick it back up, but I doubt it. It’s almost exclusively political, and anti-fascist to boot. With Obama in the White House instead of Baby Bush, things are looking not *quite* so grim.

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