My first definition on Urban Dictionary: Skepchick

If you’d like to go see all of the current definitions, you can find them here. If you like my definition (the one by sadock), please give me a thumbs up!


Here’s what motivated me to author this definition:

I was sitting there quietly paging up through the tweets I’d missed while getting some rest. I came across one by Ms. Information. It read something like “One click can give the Skepchicks some love” with a link next to it. My interest was piqued. I clicked the link, which took me over to the Urban Dictionary (UD) page. I read the only definition that was currently on the page for Skepchick. It’s the one that’s presently at the bottom of the list. I’m fairly certain that UD posts them in reverse chronological order. That may change as the definitions get older. I believe that I’ve seen other entries where the more popular entries are towards the top.urbandictionary568a2605e2c5a4798b2f12545bd91e20

Anyways, this douche bag had defined Skepchick as only a total sexist could. I’m not going to quote him here, but it was essentially calling all Skepchicks femi-nazis and demeaning them because they have chosen to think for themselves. Every Skepchick I have met, both official and unofficial, has been a fascinating person. Therefore I felt compelled to write a more accurate and unbiased definition for UD.


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