How can thinking for yourself be wrong?

Seriously. I don’t get people who just accept a credo someone else thought up verbatim and live their lives by it. How does that work for people?

My best guess is that it falls into one of three loose categories (which overlap somewhat):

  1. Ignorance is bliss. These people are so dumb that they honestly don’t know that they are behaving like sheep. Therefore they are perfectly content to go around and graze upon the ideas that are fed to them by others.
  2. Religion is the opiate of the masses. Look at how much political power the church has wielded throughout history and this one is pretty self explanatory. It is only recently that mankind has been able to throw off the yoke of organized religion and begin to examine metaphysical questions for himself.
  3. Some people are so lazy that they choose to accept someone else’s choices and thoughts as their own. It does take effort to examine things and it isn’t a finite process.

Now, don’t get me wrong. If someone looks at a religious doctrine, actually examines it and thinks about it, and then decides it’s still for them, that’s awesome. I totally respect that. The folks I have a problem with are the sheep. These are the people who become flummoxed and generally answer something along the lines of  “just ’cause” or “because that’s the way it is” when you inquire about their beliefs. If you’re really lucky they’ll know enough to say “because I was raised that way.” Really? That’s so…..logical.

I don’t even expect people to necessarily come up with an answer. Just give it some thought. I admire the folks who have the integrity to say “Hey, man, I don’t have time for that nonsense.” They’ve taken the effort to look at the options and chosen not to make a decision. That totally makes sense. They’ve examined the question(s) they wanted to, and decided they have better things to do with their life. Metaphysical questions simply aren’t a priority to them. They don’t go around expounding someone else’s ideas as their own.

That’s why the sheep tend to irritate me. Bahhhh. Bahhhh. Listen to me bleat. And then they can’t explain what the frak that nonsense coming from the hole in their face actually means. Cest la vie. As long as they keep it to themselves I can respect them too. Now if they insist on proselytizing, we’re going to have a problem…..

This post’s theme song:

Think For Yourself (Acoustic) – George Hrab

If you enjoyed that song, please go and check out Geologic Podcast Episode #60, where George offers an entire acoustic concert of his music, absolutely free.

Many thanks to Sam and Kelli, my lunch mates, for talking this out with me over a couple meals. Y’all rock!


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