Creating my own Buddhic space

I’ve begun reading the introduction to Zen Buddhism book I bought a year or two ago. It’s kind of entertaining exactly how much of the basic principles I’ve already applied to my life. Not even close to all of them by any means. The central one (ritual meditation) I haven’t even begun. Well, maybe. But that’s just it. Everything is sort of bastardized is an Ariochesque way.

As you can see (clicking will enlarge the pics), my wind spinners have arrived and are equally spaced on either side of my wind chime. They all serve their own function when I take breaks and go out front for a breath of fresh air. Reminding me to keep things in balance, demonstrating the cyclical nature of the universe, or simply being beautiful. They have been a wonderful addition the environment I am creating for myself.

I am continuing to read through the Introduction to Zen Buddhism and will likely begin my formal practice within a matter of a week or two. I love the way the author expresses the basic philosophy. It is all about understanding oneself and the world as it is. Even when one fails at a goal, it is important to study that and understand the why. But don’t dwell on the failure. Merely observe it and see what you can learn from it.


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