WooHoo. Pixie has joined the blogging community!!!

My good friend has been having a difficult time of things and I’ve been encouraging her to write. I’ve found blogging incredibly therapeutic myself. She just broke her cherry today, but if you’d like to see what she wrote, her blog is here. Go leave a comment and make her feel welcome! I miss my sexy Pixie 😦 w Kris 3 cropped


7 thoughts on “WooHoo. Pixie has joined the blogging community!!!

  1. riveroftrouble says:

    I feel really silly asking this but how to do I link stuff the way you did, without writing the whole url in?

    • No worries. That’s why it’s called a blogging community silly girl! See that toolbar above where you type stuff in? Here’s what you do:

      1) Type in whatever you want
      2) Highlight the part you want to be your link
      3) Press the link button
      ——It will either say “link” or be a picture of the link of a chain depending on how you have your account set up
      4) a little pop up window will jump up
      ——Either type in or paste in the URL you want to link to
      5) You are SO done
      6) Do the snoopy dance and rejoice!

      Okay, that last one’s totally optional. But fun. Try it at least once. Seriously.

      • riveroftrouble says:

        Note to self: Watch that Buffy episode where Xander does the snoopy dance…so I can learn it and then do it after a successful bout of mass linking stuff on my blog!

      • One of the many reasons I love you. You totally get my Buffy references. Even Sam doesn’t get them. I was harassing Cavegirl about eating babies (Trolls love babies) and everyone was absolutely clueless 😦

      • riveroftrouble says:

        oh…hey..there’s a picture of me there too. I guess my browser didnt load it when I looked before…..dont we look just adorabledest? Totally need more pictures with you!

      • Well, I certainly won’t fight you on that. Taking pictures with hot women is always fun. But we are on different continents so there’s a slight logistical problem……

  2. riveroftrouble says:

    I almost peed my pants just now reading this….the time was perfect on this, I mean like planets align perfect because Im watching the Olaf episode….OMG. Love you too sweetheart…Sam gets mine sometimes but it generally needs a little nudge and then hes like “oh..right…why didnt i get that the first time.”

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