The saga of the Raven and the Bagginsenses, concluded?

Okay, so I saw that my buddy TwoWire of fame has found my blog. Wilkommen my funky name brotha!! He posted this comment on my Raven saddened post:

“Nice picture! They are quite the little thieves aren’t they. They will take about anything they can, mostly nice shiny things, and stash it away. Hmmm, maybe there’s a lesson to be learned in their actions. Stashing things away, not the thievery! :)

So, I began composing a reply there and then realized it was getting totally out of hand and made it into a whole new blog post. Thanks for making me think, Pons. That’s what friends are for, man. So here it is:

No, no, no!! You cannot adjust your actions based upon the inappropriate behavior of another. Now, by the same token, you also cannot take inappropriate action yourself. Many of my first impulses would have been VERY wrong.

So I consulted with some good friends via email, pondered my navel overnight, and stewed in my anger for a short while. But only a *short* while.  Causing myself duress for an extended period would have been unacceptable as well. Many will look at this and say: “Dude, they’re just glass beads.” My reply is that many of the simplest lessons in life can be demonstrated simply and then extrapolated to fit a larger context.

Anyways, early yesterday I had decided to show some identical beads to my neighbor (child’s mother), explain the situation, and ask that she keep her eyes open. It never came to that. Before she even woke up, I was out front wandering about and found even better shinys than those that I had lost. Except my heart. I doubt I will ever find another like that. I decided this was the universe working in mysterious ways and moved on.

Now the trick was to prevent a recurrence of the situation. So I have cleansed my ledge and am preparing to use some E6000 to make sure my shinys remain permanently adhered to where I put them. Yes, they have no *monetary* value. But they have sentimental value to me. The bagginsenses shall not defeat me in this! They are mine nemesis and I shall prevail!frowounded


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