The Lie of redemptive violence

I was stunned at how eloquently Chris Lester expressed this sentiment in the Exit Interview to Season 1 of Metamor City. I’ve cut an excerpt of the relevant portion (0:03:09 long) of the interview so you can hear what he had to say. Amazing, huh? If you want to download it, right click and use the “save link as” function. I know how annoying it is to have to sit there while an MP3 just plays in your browser. I never do it, why should you?

Anyways, this sentiment very much reflects how I feel about violence in the world today, but I have never heard anyone be so cogent and succinct when they expressed it. I suppose it makes sense that an author of Chris’ talent would be able to do so, but many talented writers screw the pooch when they are interviewed live, which is what this was. I definitely have much more respect for the man now.

And I adore what he’s trying to put together with the PodCommune out in SanFrancisco. If I understand it correctly, it would be a centralized, high quality studio that any podcaster could use to put out high grade audio. PodCasting goes hippie! WooT!!


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