Cory Doctorow, you’re my *Hero* AND I’m following you around…….

On twitter at least. Cory doesn’t post a lot, but I like what he posts. This Boing Boing article was more along the lines of a RT than anything else, but it is still truly disturbing. The AP seems to be competing with Disney to see who can be the Grand Pu-Bah of Evil when it comes to copyright law. Charging $$$ to license you public domain works?!? And the root article truly demonstates the absolute absurdity of the concept by purchasing Thomas Jefferson’s argument against copyright from them. And of course they happily sold it to him. I was sorely tempted to go through and plug some biblical phrases into their check out system and see if they’d sell me a license, but it seemed to be beating a dead horse. Talk about a broken ass system…..


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