PC or Mac cartoon ‘research’ well done

Someone posted this picture cartoon_pc_mac_1 into one of the Sigler forum threads. Here’s the link if you want to check out the actual thread. At the time of this post the Mac vs. PC discussion is about 1/3 of the way down the page. That particular thread has been fairly silly of late so don’t get discouraged by all the fluff up top. I’ve been pretty impressed overall with how intelligent the average forumite on ScottSigler.com is. *Almost* 100% asshat free too. We tend to pummel pretentious fucks into submission when they have the gall to show themselves and can’t hold their own. Quite a bit of silliness and puns abound however. Guess that’s what happens when you throw a slew of people who read into a forum together 😉

Anyways, what stunned me was the accuracy with which the artist nailed the target audience on both sides. When I look at this picture I see pantsuit Hillary on the left that makes me sort of go “Meh” or “Eww.” I see the woman on the right and am instantly attracted to her for so many reasons it’s ridiculous. As I read through the posts in the forum, I could see that the same seemed to be true for many other Mac users, but what got me was that the reverse was true for PC users. It made no sense to me. I guess there is a very strong correlation between what computer a consumer will purchase and the values that person holds which can be visually depicted in a simple drawing. Bravo to whoever this talented artist is.


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