Kittie adoption strategy revisited

Now I’m thinking that perhaps I may hold off for a bit on the adoption and see if I can make enough money at the eBay/Scott thing and go volunteer over at the Humane Society, or perhaps out at Second Chance. That would give me a chance to be around animals and like minded people plus get to know a kittie *much* better before adopting. I’d also like to talk it over with Mueller before committing to anything for 12-20 years. Seems like a better plan.


One thought on “Kittie adoption strategy revisited

  1. Flaming Bondage Pixie says:

    Good idea! I was reading about how getting animals and having something to take care of helps with the depressions. Lately with me its been changing every few hours…sigh. Im happy you’re feeling better though. :-*

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