I can’t *believe* a human crow stole my heart…

#@$(*#%^@#%#@&*%^@). Grumbles. Not my real heart, obviously. I have several glass beads sitting on the ledge right outside my door. There was also an oddly shaped, shiny, opaque heart made of glass. Someone stole it, but left all the beads exactly where they were. No way it was the wind. I suspect it was too heavy for a raven or crow of the avian variety to fly off with. Although I suppose that is possible. If that’s what happened, I’m overjoyed. A raven stole my heart. Woot!

But I suspect it was a nasty, filthy, human thief emulating crow behavior that filched it. They spied it on the ledge, said to itself, “Ew, shiny, I’ll take that.” And it was pretty, and quite unique. That’s why I picked it up off the ground out at Buffalo Park an eon ago. It didn’t have any real monetary value whatsoever, but it is irritating that people suck so much. This item obviously belonged to the tenant of the apartment of the ledge it was on. It was only six inches away from the frakkin’ door!!! And now my exterior is that much more mundane once again. Grumbles.


2 thoughts on “I can’t *believe* a human crow stole my heart…

  1. kelli says:

    sad day!!

    awww. thievery is in the air. nooooooooooes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sadock76 says:

    Yes, I wonder what the scoundrels are planning…..

    A shiny glass heart, a raspberry bush, and who knows what will be next?!?

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